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The Renaissance of CAD: PTC Virtual Live Event

The Renaissance of CAD: PTC Virtual Live Event

The world of product design is changing, and CAD needs to change with it. Sit back, put your head phones on, and let those on the front lines show you how to bring the physical and digital worlds together.

Let PTC’s industry experts help you stay ahead of the latest advances in product design.

Register today for a special virtual event – April 23 at 16:00 CET & 22:00 CET

The Renaissance of CAD: What’s New, What’s Now & What You Can Do With It. 


Opening Session: – Presented by Paul Sagar – VP of Product Management

  • Join Paul to learn how boundary-crossing technologies such as additive manufacturing and augmented reality fit with the new capabilities of just-released Creo 6.0. and how it can extend the reach as well as impact of your CAD model.

IoT Product Insight – Presented by Arnaud Van de Veerdonk

  • It’s an age-old question: unless you’ve got a disappointed customer, how do you know what your product’s doing once it leaves the factory? That data would have a real impact on your future design choices. With Creo, you can design digital sensors as part of your CAD model and connect them, via PTC’s ThingWorx to your products. You’ll get the data right in your CAD model.

Generative Design – Presented by Jesse Blankenship

  • CAD stands on the verge of another revolution, powered by generative design. Join PTC’s Jesse Blankenship, the founder of Frustum, to understand what this technology means to the design engineer now, how it will improve the design process, and where Creo is headed. You’ll see how generative design allows you to specify design intent, explore trade-off’s, and discover requirements you might not have considered.

Creo Simulation Live – Presented by Todd Kraft & Michelle Boucher

  • Easy to use, real-time simulation for the design engineer is here. Don’t miss out. Creo Simulation Live, powered by ANSYS brings you real-time simulation as a normal part of your job. No mystery and no hassle. It’s fully integrated into the Creo design environment, so you can now get real-time guidance on design decisions as you make them. Join our two speakers for an overview of how Top Performing companies use simulation and why.

Additive Manufacturing – Presented by Jose Coronado

  • See what’s possible when you design for additive manufacturing. Only Creo gives you the power and flexibility you need to design, optimize, validate and run a print check all in one environment, closing the gap between 3D CAD and 3D printing. You’ll also see what new in Creo 6.0 including build direction optimization, stochastic foam or conformal lattices, formula driven lattices, such as Gyroids, and custom lattices using Creo geometry.

Augmented Reality – Presented by Luke Westbrook

  • You can’t afford to miss out on good ideas. Cloud-based Augmented Reality (AR) offers a superior way for you to share design information and collaborate quickly and securely with almost anyone anywhere. You’ll learn how to integrate AR into your daily workflow, see popular uses cases, and find out how easy it is for you – and almost anyone with a mobile device – to experience models at full scale and in context using smartphones, tablets and HoloLens.


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PTC Virtual Event - Creo 6.0

PTC Virtual Event - Creo 6.0

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The Renaissance of CAD: PTC Virtual Live Event

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