FloEFD – Flow simulation made simple and effective

Are you having challenges dealing with heating of electrical components, aerodynamic drag or cavitation in pump or piping design? Is your product’s performance somehow affected by the fluid flow around or inside it? You might want to optimize the fluid flow and heat transfer in the product to maximize the performance.
This can be laborious and difficult, depending on how good you are with fluid dynamics in general, and how well can you use scientific flow calculation software. The struggle is real and Mentor Graphics has created a solution to ease the process. FloEFD is fully CAD integrated fluid dynamics software and its main purpose is to deploy fluid dynamics calculation for - not only to the flow specialists – but to a general design engineer. It is quick to learn and easy to use because of its clear user interface.

Flow simulation in FloEFD

FloEFD is fully integrated CFD tool.

FloEFD lets you simulate, analyze and optimize complex fluid flow and heat effects in your design directly in your MCAD tool. FloEFD is a full-featured 3D fluid flow, heat transfer analysis package that is both fast to learn and easy to use because it doesn't come with the numerical complexity and meshing overheads of traditional high-end CFD.

User Experience
FloEFD has an easy to use user interface (GUI) with large intelligent automation built in as standard.A powerful analysis wizard guides the user through the problem setup. The interface uses engineering terms instead of technical jargon therefore the users can focus on solving flow problems instead of figuring out how to use the software. The users also receives real-time feedback about the solution progress: convergence, residual errors and monitor point values and can easy create nice looking reports in Microsoft Excel and Word to show the results.

Save costs and time with FloEFD

Why FloEFD

FloEFD can solve a great deal of flow cases. Everything is covered from heat distribution to combustion processes. You can identify a fluid flow problem by doing a simple flow case around your product with low mesh resolution, improve geometry accordingly, regenerate mesh and rerun the case. There is no need to transfer geometry between software, updated and correct geometry is used in FloEFD at all times. If flow issues with the product continue to occur, at least the issue has been detected and general design engineer can point it out to a flow specialist, who can then use FloEFD to solve the problem Bring flow simulation closer to the design engineer. More people can investigate flow related issues, therefore problems are detected earlier and costly last minute changes can be avoided. This reduces the amount of rework and projects progress smoother. Prototyping is less expensive because issues are detected before prototyping phase.

I encourage more engineers to do more simulations, this is not only for the simulation experts. There is a lot of time to save, increased product knowledge and shorten lead by using digital simulations early in the design phase.

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